Wednesday, November 28, 2012


After a petition, a week of media coverage, and a massive amount of support, the City of Orlando Chief Planner and Sustainability Director scheduled a meeting with us in our organic garden on November 16th, 2012.

Consequently, our Patriot Garden and many existing front yard gardens will NOT be acceptable to the City of Orlando as is.  More than likely we will be required to screen our Patriot Garden from sight with an approved fence. 

FOOD should not be confused with aesthetic landscape.   Our Patriot Garden produces real value, not perceived value.  Our Patriot Garden grows a human necessity that contributes to our budget rather than an aesthetic grass yard that drains from it.

We cannot afford expensive aesthetic upgrades to our attractive Patriot Garden.  We will not be able to comply with Codes (not an HOA) based on vanity and conformity.  Furthermore, we will do everything possible to stop the City of Orlando from requiring fencing out neighbors and community from our front yard Patriot Garden.  Increasing the prohibitive costs and creating more impacts to the planet’s resources is not the goal of sustainability.

The City of Orlando needs to understand a complete Code change that ensures affordability to all residents is necessary.  The Patriot Garden is a key step to ensuring the City of Orlando progresses to become the “Greenest City in America.”  The greatest Freedom you can give someone is the Freedom to know they will not go hungry.

Thank you for your continued support.  God Bless. 

       Jason & Jennifer Helvenston