City's Proposal

The complete Vegetable Garden Landscape Proposal is a 4 page document that is very complex and restrictive.  Here is the Summary.

This draft contains the following modifications to the draft Landscaping Code, which reflect regulations for vegetable gardening in residential districts.
Amend draft landscaping code to address vegetable gardens in residential properties (one and two family).
  • Allow side and rear yard vegetable gardens with a 3-foot setback from property lines. 
  • All accessory structures (compost bins, sheds, etc.) must be in rear yard. 
  • Allow maximum 25% vegetable garden of the front yard area. 
  • Maximum 4-ft height of plantings or related structures (tomato cages, growing trellises) in front yard. 
  • Front Yard plantings, boxes and trellises set back 5-feet from neighboring properties. 
  • In front yard, one of the following techniques shall be required:
1. Screening with mature shrubs or fence (chain link prohibited).
2. A 10-ft. setback for the garden planted with conventional landscaping.
3. Planter boxes up to 2-feet in height, set back 3-feet from rights-of-way. 
  • No vegetable gardens, trellises or swales are allowed in the rights-of-way. 
  • Require trees on the property to meet minimum requirements. 
  • If a front or street side yard vegetable garden is not actively cultivating food for a period of over three consecutive months, the garden shall be planted with plants selected from the LDC’s approved plant list. 
  • All gardens shall be well maintained, neat and orderly. Fallow portions shall be neatly covered with mulch to prevent erosion and weeds.