Monday, March 4, 2013

Good First Impression

Thank you to all of those who attended the 1st of 3 Orlando City Council Meetings to determine the fate of vegetable gardens in Orlando.   But thank you very much to those of you who stayed for the entire 3hrs to support our great speakers. 

Thank you to Coalition for Property Rights, Campaign for Liberty, Food Not Bombs, Food Not Lawns, Orlando Center for Urban Permaculture, and many other individuals for speaking.  All the points and issues were expressed very clearly and professionally.  Some excellent quotes from a united group.

With Peas Signs out front and Green shirts in the audience, we were quickly recognized by the Mayor and Commissioners.  Click 6 News

However, we only made a 1st Impression because no details or alternate proposals were presented so nothing has changed in regards to the fate of growing vegetables in the City of Orlando.   We need to keep the pressure and presence up, so please make sure more people show up at the next meeting.

Please write your Commissioner and the Mayor to ask them to form a Task Force of stakeholders and experts to create a proposal that represents the majority.   Without a Task Force, vegetable gardens lie in the hands of a few government leaders. 


  1. none of this is legal because it has no bearing on the "health, Safety, and welfare" of the city or it's residents, in addition to no 'valid municipal purpose'...

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