Friday, December 6, 2013

Final Vote on Your Food.

Thank you all for attending the last meeting and the continued support.  Victory is near.  Please do not think that this is a slam dunk or that it is over.  They often change direction at the last minute.  We not only need to apply more pressure on the City to be a true leader in the food freedom movement but we need to show them a Victory Celebration.

The Orlando City Council will be voting on a new City Landscape Ordinance that will include edible landscape.  We will be asking to speak at about doing more to lead the Food Freedom Movement but hope to have a Victory Celebration after the final vote. 
-FINAL Reading and Vote will be 
Monday December 9th meeting that starts at 2pm
Orlando City Hall
400 S Orange Ave

Orlando, FL 32801When the City of Orlando starts to enforce the Ordinance in March 2014, we will be asking them to also announce leading programs/campaigns for Food Freedom.  We are in the international spotlight; and if the City is serious about sustainability then they should not miss this amazing opportunity to let the whole world know how they are going to lead the way.  

We will be asking them to drop restrictions and barriers on community gardens so that we can have more than 5.  We will be asking them to start an Urban Learning Farm.  We will ask them to start a community based social marketing campaign that celebrates and encourages sustainability and growing your own food.  We will ask them to create a Food Freedom Tour Map of the City showing where the participating Food Freedom businesses and homesteads are located.  We will ask them to create and find Food Freedom Grants so our community can lead the movement with incentives.

A final group demonstration would continue to show the City that we are serious so please come out with signs and vegetables for one last time.  Let the signs show your goals for your City.  This is your opportunity to tell the City of Orlando your ideas and have a say in your Food Freedom.

Afterwards we want to celebrate the rare Victory with all of those who have helped and now know that they can produce their own food in the City of Orlando.  We will be heading over to Orlando Brewing who brews all organic beers.  The City of Orlando is lucky to have a business that believes in organic ingredients so come out to help support Orlando Brewing too.

Victory Celebration at Orlando Brewing – 1301 Atlanta Ave, Orlando, FL 32806 (just over 1 mile from City Hall)

Hope to see all of you there.


Jason and Jennifer

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